Classy ...

Timeless ...

... and colorful!

Simple Design...



...unique & unforgettable!

myBIRDy – The Cuckoo Clock with your Sound!

What on earth! myBIRDy turns the old Black Forest’s tradition of clock making upside down. It is colorful, it is groovy, it is loud – and it dances to your tune. Every full hour the little bird tweets your favorite sound: Classic, beat-music (folk music), heavy metal, hip hop – It fully depends on what you feed it. Thanks to SD-card slot and PC-Tool the patriarchal Cuckoo Clock wings its way into the 21st century.


Two Designs,
four different colors

Pitched or platform roof, pink, green, black or white – with its cool outfit (style) myBIRDy fits right into a modern designer loft as well as a nursery. And also in an original Black Forest living room it can find a nice nest, too.


Your sound every full hour

What you put in the SD-Slot is what echoes back out to you. Per PC-Tool you decide which mp3 or wav sounds you want to listen to which hour. Just load it onto the memory card within your myBIRDy, and using the earphones and the sample button you become a real Cuckoo Clock DJ!

Once upon a time…

In a far away land, behind the seven mountains in a very beautiful but tiny house in the Black Forest, a little cuckoo made his home. One day the little cuckoo dreamed of a big gorgeous nesting site, like the legendary one that his grandma always spoke of from the House of the 1000 Clocks, and decided to go on a quest for it. For a long time he wandered about, tried this and that, but nothing could satisfy. One day he came to the big city and landed on the balcony of an innovative designer, saw him lying relaxed under the bright sun. And because he liked what he saw, he sang him his best song.

This touched the heart of the designer so deeply that he started to create a new home for the cuckoo – totally modern and elegant, but brightly painted, with a fantastic stereo as well as a clock built into it.

Overwhelmed with happiness, the little cuckoo moved into his fancy new home. As time went by, the little cuckoo’s heart was heavy – he continually thought about his cuckoo friends that he had left far behind in the Black Forest. So one day he couldn’t hold back any longer, and he took off on a journey to visit his beloved Forest friends. He animatedly recounted to them all the great adventures that he had experienced in that far away country and he couldn’t stop tweeting about the marvelous new cuckoo house that was created just for him.

It came to pass that many, many of his cuckoo friends excitedly made the pilgrimage to the big city to find their own luck. Suddenly the designer had his hands full, preparing cuckoo clock homes for all of the birds yearning for their own abode. With time, the designer’s apartment started busting at the seams with all of the cuckoo clock homes filling the walls. The ingenious and soft-hearted designer sought out friendly adoptive parents for his new feathery friends. And so it came to pass, that today his colorful cuckoo clocks are found in homes all around the world.

An old Black Forest fairytale